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 13 August, 2006

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TS: FR Flavor Files

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Here are the files that I've tweaked to get a bit more variation and Forgotten Realms references.  To use them, you will need TableSmith installed on your computer.  These files either replace the existing files or simply need to be dropped into the file folders within the TableSmith program.  At this time, since this is a work in progress, I do not have neat zipped packages of files that can just be dropped into the program.  What I'm doing is offering you the files I've worked on and giving you a description of what I've done- take it or leave it.  An understanding of *simple* programming is needed to make use of these files.  The folders are in your Tables folder in your TableSmith folder, wherever that may be on your system.

Files from my Reference folder to add FR flavor- Bruce uses to reference gods on most of his tables that need the reference.  I created a separate table for the FR deities.  Then I rooted through the files that reference deity names and changed their references from to  A simple Find & Replace will do the trick once you add to the Tables/Reference folder.  A simple Find & Replace on the files that reference back to will also work for those that don't want FR gods. There are a few files that give geographical references, they include a small list of Mythosian place names.  FR's place names are more numerous and complicated.  I created this file with lists of FR Regions, political regions, major city names (with Region name in parenthesis), ancient cultures, and foreign regions.  Foreign regions is a list that's particularly weak, any updates back would be appreciated.  Any files that I use have replaced the Mythosian list with a reference to this file.  Another file for the Tables/Reference folder.  I think only the Book Descriptions set uses this file, but I can see other uses.  The standard planes are given and the FR god home planes are also on the list.  I created the list in such a way that if you don't ever need the FR-only planes, you can simply truncate the list by deleting the unnecessary entries.  Another file for the Tables/Reference folder.  I wanted a races table for quick additions across the board to any list that might need it.  Mostly a treasure thing.  Can't hurt to throw in into the Tables/Reference folder in case it's needed for Book Descriptions.  This file is referenced a lot from all sorts of tables in TableSmith.  I wanted some more depth to Dragons and Giants as no types were given.  I added other typical monsters from D&D to the list of fantastic creatures as well as some more mundane birds and beasts to expand the possibilities.  You can easily use the original file with the same name or replace it with this one.  This is a replacement file that works well with the existing sets for those that use the Monster Manual in their game.  Drop this into the Tables/Reference folder and accept the replacement.

Files from my Names folder to add FR flavor-

bulletFormal I added a possibility for simple personal titles to be generated as they are not uncommon for those in the Realms that have time to write a book or otherwise be of renown.  The Mythosian places list remains, but is not referenced, instead you'll need  Finally, there's a small possibility that a formal name might include a "servant of" descriptor that references This file replaces the original Formal in the Names folder.
bulletFantasy  This is not a necessary file to replace.  The original works very, very, well.  But I like a variety of names, so I downloaded a pile supplemental of name files from the Mythosa site.  There wasn't a file that automatically used them, so I adjusted my Fantasy Names file to reference and therefore include these files.  With this file, you've got a 50% chance of getting the true fantasy name and 50% chance of getting a random name off one of the other 19 files.

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