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 13 August, 2006

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TS: Horses

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I tweaked and expanded some tables from "In the Saddle: Mounts in all their Glory" and created some additional tables to generate random special horses, mules, and ponies. To use them, you will need TableSmith installed on your computer.  For details and crunchy rules, you'll want "In the Saddle."  These files simply need to be dropped into the file folders within the TableSmith program.  

Horse Generator-

bulletHorse  This file creates random horses.  You'll need the Horse Names file to make it work.  You'll have to decided on the pricing of the horses; there was just too much to take into account and the price of a horse varies a lot from place to place, let alone campaign to campaign.  This file should be placed in the Generators folder.  Here are a few examples of the output, underlines indicate traits that can be re-randomized with a click:

Young/1-Year Black (black that fades to red-brown in the sun) Pack Horse with Socks and No Markings, Name: Miss Zeya, Sex: Mare, Personality: Stubborn/Obstinate, Notable Feature/Flaw: None Speed Quality: Average, INT: Average, Feats: Endurance, Tricks: Carry a Rider

Aging/17-Year Golden Bay (yellowish brown with black points) Pony with a Snip on the forehead , Name: Sorcerer, Sex: Stallion, Personality: Just a Horse!, Notable Feature/Flaw: Slight Limp: Rear Right Leg Speed Quality: Average, INT: Bright (+1 INT), Feats: Great Fortitude, Skill Focus (Intimidate), Tricks: Carry a Rider, Back Up, Come when whistled to

Mature/Combat Trained 8-Year Seal Brown (black with reddish tinting) Pony with a Star on the forehead , Name: Miss Star, Sex: Mare, Personality: Noble, Notable Feature/Flaw: None Speed Quality: Average, INT: Intelligent(+2 INT), Feats: Great Fortitude and Dodge, Tricks: Carry a Rider, Carry a Saddled Rider, Leap, Attack

The age and training determine the number and kinds of tricks the horse knows.  In general, I've found the horses work out very well with very little tweaking needed.

bulletHorse  A reference file for the Horse Generator.  Of course, you could just have a list of horse names or use it to name your character's horse.  This file should be placed in the Names folder.

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