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 13 August, 2006

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Scot and Catherine KeeneHi! My name is Catherine Keene, and you see me pictured at the left with my husband, Scot. We game in Carbondale, IL, home of Southern Illinois University.

I have been playing AD&D since I got my first D&D basic boxed set in 1980, and I've been running AD&D campaigns and adventures here since 1989. God, that's been a long time. But I've had lots of fun doing all this, so I'll probably keep playing for a few more years.  Scot got his first D&D set about the same time that I did, but he started DMing in high school. We met in 1987 when he was cajoled into running an AD&D Greyhawk campaign our freshman year of college.  He's been cajoled into running many other games since, and done his share of cajoling others into running various RPGs and miniature games.

Scot and I continue to run our games over at the local game club, the SIUC Strategic Games Society. If you're in the area, you most likely can get into a game there.

Besides running locally at the game club and the game store, I've also done conventions. The one that I'm most heavily into is the Egyptian Campaign game convention here in Carbondale. It's a large mid-sized con, hosting about 300 gamers.  Online, I've run RPGA AD&D on the internet, but not in years.  I'm really more of a table-top kind of gal.

Finally, a very personal note.

bulletJesus is Lord. That's reality.  Visit your local church for real information about real people and events.  Biblical history is way more spectacular and fantastic than fantasy, and much more life-enhancing.

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