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 13 August, 2006

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Objects on this list have 2 or more values, depending on what's known about the item vs. it's value on appearance, the value of it's component parts, or with the additional information.  Values are given after the information, and are NOT cumulative. 

Information that can be divined is divined in the following order: Additional 1) by looking at the painting (artists, etc.) using a default Appraise DC 10; Additional 2) what can be found with the Appraise Skill DC 25; Additional 3+) the rest needs to be researched with the Gather Information Skill DC 20 or with an Expert with the appropriate Knowledge Skill DC 15.  Depending on the information, you may wish to change the DC or Skills involved.

Prices are what interested 3rd parties may pay to resell the item, if they are in the business of moving this kind of merchandise.  Others will pay somewhat less.  Using this system, the “value” of the item is the last price divined multiplied by 2. 

  1. Mahogany statue of a panther. [50 gp]  Additional 1) Statue is from Chult [50 gp]; Additional 2) the statue is made for show, and doesn't have any significant meaning placed on it [50 gp]

  2. Silver statue of a maiden carrying a water jug [150 gp]

  3. Model of a caravel with sails and rigging [75 gp]

  4. Golden idol of the god of justice [250 gp]

  5. Oak jewelry box, velvet lined.  Top divided into 6 compartments, 4 small drawers in front, 1 secret drawer in the back.  Fine craftsman ship. [350 gp]

  6. Blonde pine box with relief carving of a stag and forest on top [175 gp]

  7. Glass statuette of a solar (angel) [95 gp]

  8. Delicate wicker basket with vining leaves and flowers of elven make [600 gp]

  9. Crystal fruit bowl of gnomish make [500 gp]

  10. Hurricane lamp with light blue crystal cover [2,500 gp]

  11. Silver candleabra with 15 stalks [4,500 gp]

  12. Silver oil lamp with scrolling etchings [50 gp]

  13. Marble statue of a pegasus [1,600 gp]

  14. Ebony bookends (2) carved into elephants [740 gp]

  15. Crystal swan of elvish make (650 gp), with mirror “pond” (45 gp) [700 gp]

  16. Porcelin vase with rose motif [35 gp]

  17. Chess set with inlaid board of smoky and light pink quartz, all carved quartz pieces intact [380 gp]

  18. Replica of the a cathedral in glass [1050 gp]

  19. Porcelin doll (1,200 gp) dressed in embroidered silks (300 gp) [1,500 gp]

  20. Dwarven runes of fortune; tiny tablets are granite with tiny veins of gold [180 gp]

  21. Conch shell decorated with gold (120 gp) with tiny golden hermit crab inside (45 gp) [250 gp]

  22. Giant hinged shell buffed and polished with gold edging, lined with deep blue padded silk, probably origionally a jewelry gift box [1,300 gp]

  23. Silver nosegay holder with flower design accented with 5 blue quartz stones (15 gp each) as petals [90 gp]


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