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 13 August, 2006

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Objects on this list have 2 or more values, depending on what's known about the item vs. it's value on appearance, or with the additional information.  Values are given after the information, and are NOT cumulative. 

Information that can be divined is listed in the following order: Additional 1) by looking at the painting (artists, etc.) using a default Appraise DC 10; Additional 2) what can be found with the Appraise Skill DC 25; Additional 3+) the rest needs to be researched with the Gather Information Skill DC 20 or with a Bard or an Expert with the appropriate Knowledge Skill DC 15.  Depending on the information, you may wish to change the DC or Skills involved.

Prices are what interested 3rd parties may pay to resell the item, if they are in the business of moving this kind of merchandise.  Others will pay somewhat less.  Using this system, the “value” of the item is the last price divined multiplied by 2. 

Tapestries found throughout Faerun

  1. Tapestry recounting the battle between the god Tempus and a Demon. (150 gp) Additional 1) artist unknown, no signature, circa 1225 DR.  (200 gp)  Additional 2)  to a worshipper of Tempus or temple of Tempus the tapestry is worth up to 750 gp.  (400 gp)

  2. Tapestry of woodland creatures. (200 gp) Additional 1) artist "T.W.N."  cannot be identified (200 gp)   Additional 2):  rare threads used, some silver and gold threads.  (450 gp).

  3. Tapestry of an idealized Calimport cityscape, complete with flying carpets and genies. (750 gp)  Additional 1) by the artist "H-a-M", Hakim al-Mirra, circa 1350, a mass producer of tapestries for tourist trade. (650 gp)   Additional 2) contains high quality threads, tightly stitched, and highlights of gold and silver threads. (650 gp)

  4. Tapestry of different birds on different kinds of trees, all being watched by a plush white cat with jeweled collar. (140 gp for the tapestry, 30 gp ea. for the 5 silver-mounted clear quartz stones on the collar)  Additional 1) artist J.F.  is unknown, circa  (140 gp plus gems)  Additional 2) a connection can be made if (Painting 8) has been found, as J.F. is  Janice Fortuneir.  Family will pay 400 gp finder's fee for the tapestry and where it was found (250 gp)  Additional 3) birds and trees are very accurate, and represent a fine collection of the birds and native trees in the Neverwinter area.  A sage with such specialties may pay up to 600 gp for the work. (350 gp).

  5. Framed embroidered work of simple flowers and the alphabet, obviously homespun fabric and threads. (15 gp)  Additional: artist "J" unknown, dated Harvestide 1346 (15 gp)

  6. Tapestry in woodland colors of realistic deer and other commonly hunted animals (could be a trophy piece or teaching aid).  Obviously made to warm the wall of a lodge or other colder building as it is backed with fine, heavy brown wool.  Very large, covering an area 12' long x 7' high. (1,500 gp)  Additional 1) artist unknown, circa 1275 DR. (1,500 gp)

  7. Unframed sampler of flowers, insects (bees and ants), and calligraphic alphabet worked on finely woven linen in vividly colored silk thread. (750 gp)   Additional 1) artist "W.A." unknown, circa 1360 DR. (750 gp)  Additional 2) actual age of the piece is circa 650 DR, as told by the colors used in the threads, and the flourishes in the lettering.  Piece was probably worked by a wealthy matron from Amn. (4,000 gp).

  8. Tapestry of estate life, with family names. Simple design, but large and old (500 gp) Additional 1) artist "RNB" unknown, circa 750 DR. (1,500 gp) Additional 2) scene and family names typical of Cormyr, but there's no connection to present (1,500 gp)

  9. Tapestry of bright colors in geometric designs, 5' high x 3' wide (300 gp) Additional 1) unsigned, about 10 years old. (300 gp) Additional 2) elven artist Eranthe the Enchantress of Summervale. Who was last known  in 1078 DR in Silverymoon (3,000 gp)  Additional 3) She was an elven enchantress who made a series of tapestries as spell components for a teleportation-type spell.  (there is no magic in the tapestry itself) (3,500 gp) Additional 4) this tapestry was a gift to Benedicta Clairien of Berdusk, a contemporary friend of the enchantress (5,000 gp)

  10. Tapestry of Viking-type warriors, crudely drawn (25 gp) Additional 1) artist "ANV" unknown, circa 1350 DR.  (30 gp)  Additional 2) from the Korinn Archipelago (75 gp)

  11. Tapestry of three young women relaxing on a pastoral hillside under a tree with a castle high on the hilltop (450 gp) Additional 1) artist "DWJ" unknown, dated 1228 DR (550 gp) Additional 2) idealized fantasy image of young Cormyran noblewomen, probably from Cormyr (575 gp)

  12. Tapestry of a floating city, finely embroidered in subtle, finely colored threads (1,200 gp) Additional 1) city is a Netherese floating enclave (1,800 gp) Additional 2) artist "Cerelia" unknown, dated 1887 (no year reckoning noted, just the year number, but it's meant as Netherese year) (1,800 gp) Additional 3) the date would indicate the tapestry is from about 3300 years ago (date equivalent is -1972 DR) (6,000 gp) Additional 4) the enclave is Ioulum, a central Netherese enclave, also the first floating enclave, scene includes several significant landmarks (20,000 gp)

  13. Four full woven tapestries of pastorial life, one per season (300 gp ea, 1,500 as a set) Additional 1) unsigned, but noted as completed in the year of the Trumpet (1301 DR). (1,600 gp)  Additional 2) the work is a community effort looted from Dragonspear Castle (1,600 gp).

  14. Two blackwork (cross-stich like embroidery) candle screens with flower motifs (150 gp ea).  Additional 1) unsigned, circa 1330 DR (320 gp)  Additional 2) the wooden stands/frames are finely carved and stained (50  gp ea for the stand in addition to the blackwork).

  15. Two silk embroidered down throw pillows with abstract designs, primarily in gold and green (30 gp each).  Additional 1) unsigned, circa 1280 DR

  16. Tapestry depicting a great battle against a great red dragon, breathing flame unto a knightly warrior (750 gp)  Additional 1) signed “TQ”; dating is difficult, at least 100 years old (900 gp) Additional 2)the phrase “Final Price” is embroidered in the corner with the initials (900 gp) Additional 3) inscription is the date “The Year of the Final Price” is 869 DR (1150 gp)  Additional 4) the scene is of the legendary battle between the hero Ulren the Brave and the dragon Tranthixzar; Ulren was mortally wounded but saved his lady love. (1,300 gp)

  17. Tapestry of a waterfall and pond, woven with fine threads (2,500 gp) Additional 1) signed “Sephina"


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