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 13 August, 2006

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Objects on this list have 2 or more values, depending on what's known about the item vs. it's value on appearance, or with the additional information.  Values are given after the information, and are NOT cumulative. 

Information that can be divined is listed in the following order: Additional 1) by looking at the painting (artists, etc.) using a default Appraise DC 10; Additional 2) what can be found with the Appraise Skill DC 25; Additional 3+) the rest needs to be researched with the Gather Information Skill DC 20 or with a Bard or an Expert with the appropriate Knowledge Skill DC 15.  Depending on the information, you may wish to change the DC or Skills involved.

Prices are what interested 3rd parties may pay to resell the item, if they are in the business of moving this kind of merchandise.  Others will pay somewhat less.  Using this system, the “value” of the item is the last price divined multiplied by 2. 

Paintings found in the North

  1. Painting of a young blonde woman in a silver dress, blue background, in oak frame.  (150 gp) Additional 1) artist "Anyon" of Silverymoon, circa 1120 DR (175 gp) Additional 2) the woman's name was Marilinda Cicell, from Cormyr, family has disappeared through time. (185 gp). 

  2. Painting of an estate in oak frame. (255 gp)  Additional 1)  by the artist Pallas Brendan of Waterdeep, circa 975 DR, when the estate was well groomed under it's first owner.  (280 gp)  Additional 2) Estate still stands outside Waterdeep, but was looted in 1280 DR.  The painting was lost. (300 gp)  Additional 3) Current owners will pay for the painting for sentimental reasons; although they are not related, they will pay up to 650 gp if approached with the painting, they know the history (300 gp).

  3. Painting of a unicorn (75 gp) Additional 1) by the unknown artist "Rawson", circa 1350 DR. (75 gp)  Additional 2)  it's just a white horse with a golden horn, witnesses to a real unicorn or the temple of Larue would know something's not right (30 gp)

  4. Painting of a young man in blue robes tending a wounded soldier, of obvious excellent quality. (1,000 gp)  Additional 1) signed by the famous artist "Zieran" of Waterdeep, circa 1290 DR.  (2,300 gp).  Additional 2)  young man is the sainted/exalted Hamlin the Brave, a priest of Lathander.  (2,750 gp.)  Additional 3)  the wounded man is the leader of an order of Lathanderan paladins named Rutledge Dawnwalker.  The two fought in a battle against a necromancer who had become a lich, defeating the fiend, and this is eluded to in the background scene.  (4,000 gp)  Additional 4) the painting was commissioned for the temple of Lathander in Waterdeep, but was stolen before delivery.  (4,500 gp)  Additional 5)  the likenesses are real, although the men were never in the same place again.  The artist must have had seen them to paint the images.  (5,500 gp).  Additional 6) any temple of Lathander will double the price, given what the PCs can tell them of the painting (they would know who the subjects are by symbolism).   The temple in Waterdeep or Raven's Bluff will pay up to 17,500 gp, as that's where the men's remains are. (10,000 gp).

  5. Painting of a older man in full plate mail, posed, helmet on a small table, dog sitting at his feet.  (400 gp)  Additional 1)  signed by the artist Miran of Baldur's Gate, circa 1365. (500 gp)  Additional 2)  the man is a Perth Weddell of Iriaebor.  He will pay a finder's fee of up to 250 gp for the portrait.  (100 gp, if the dealer is honest as it is a "hot" art object)

  6. Painting of a fine brown stallion, probably a medium warhorse (50 gp).  Additional 1) unsigned, artist unknown, circa 1350 DR. (50 gp)

  7. Still life of fruit and flowers. (35 gp)  Additional 1) artist "K.R." unknown, probably painted in Tethyr, circa 1320 DR (40 gp).

  8. Painting of a matron, seated, in a gold dress, with fine jewelry, in gold-gilded wooden frame. (100 gp, frame is worth 50 gp)  Additional 1) artist "Chalmer", circa 1355 DR.   (175 gp)  Additional 2) artist is little known, but becoming collectable, from Neverwinter (250 gp)  Additional 3) Matron is Janice Fortuneir, of Neverwinter.  She died in 1371 DR, her daughter, Larial Othomann, was kidnapped (or murdered, but the body was never found) while transporting goods from Janice's estate in Neverwinter to her home in Waterdeep in 1372 DR (all stolen).  The family in Waterdeep will pay up to 350 gp for the painting and where it was found. (250 gp)

  9. Painting of a vase full of flowers, very simple work. (25 gp) Additional 1) artist unknown, unknown age between 10-100 years.  (25 gp).

  10. Painting of a young elven woman in a green dress in a garden. (200 gp)  Additional 1) artist "Annette Leon", circa 1150 DR. (300 gp)  Additional 2) the woman can be recognized from the painting as Zorynithe Flowerwind, one-time adventurer who married a human named Colwin of Longsaddle in the early 1100's and settled in Waterdeep.  She moved to Silverymoon after her husband died, and lives there today.  (The painting was stolen from her son's home in Waterdeep in the early 1200's: something only she would remember.) She would pay up to 500 gp finder's fee. (450 gp).

  11. Painting of a family; father, mother, a boy and two girls.  Crudely painted (35 gp) Additional 1) artist "T.H." unknown, circa 1340 DR. (35 gp)  (Family was farmers in the Longsaddle area who was killed in a raid, no survivors, no extended family.)

  12. Painting in a small silver frame of a strikingly handsome woman with brown hair and eyes.  (30 gp for the painting, 550 gp for the frame) Additional 1) artist unknown (not signed), circa 1325. (30 gp) Additional 2) woman was from Scornubel (or a city near PCs home), the wife of a caravan master.  Her grandson is a tailor in Scornubel and would be the only one to recognize the portrait.  He would be willing to pay 250 gp for the portrait and frame, or 50 gp for the portrait alone if it were never offered with the frame.  Otherwise, he is insulted by the PC's lust for gold, and may pay to have a thief steal the portrait, and frame, from the PCs before they can sell the frame, or steal enough from the PCs to buy the frame from the merchant that they sell it to. (No merchant will pay more than 30 gp for the portrait)

  13. Painting of a sinister-looking man in red robes, with an ornate, bejeweled cane standing next to a table with a skull and heavy books (130 gp to a merchant that thinks he can move the piece, there's some quality, which is what this price is based on).  Additional 1) unsigned, circa 1250 DR. (180 gp)  Additional 2) the man is Borrun Agrimarr, a red wizard of Thay. (He may be alive, or not; have heirs, or not) (180 gp or whatever the PCs bargain for…)

  14. Thumbnail painting of a young boy in a golden etched cameo (200 gp, cameo case 500 gp) Additional 1) unsigned, circa 200 DR (900 gp) Additional 2) probably from Tethyr, no connection to present (900 gp)

  15. Painting of Chauntea walking among fields of ripening crops (140 gp) Additional 1) unsigned, circa 1280 DR (200 gp) Additional 2) major temples of Chauntea will pay double, but most will only pay a pittance as that's all they have.  A "rich benefactor" of the church of Chauntea may be willing to pay up to 500 gp for the privilege to donate it to a local temple.

  16. Painting of paladinic warrior in a carved wooden frame (100 gp, 75 gp for the frame) Additional 1) artist "Gunther", circa 1368 DR (100 gp) Additional 2) Gunther is a popular contemporary artist in Waterdeep. (100 gp) Additional 3) warrior is High Priest Hykros Allumen in full battle gear.  Hykros is the high priest at the Halls of Justice (the temple of Tyr in Waterdeep) and highly respected as a hero/good role model. (500 gp).

  17. Painting of a bear's face on pine, simply drawn, with decorative carving around the edge. (15 gp) Additional 1) unsigned, circa 1280 DR (25 gp) Additional 2) probably a totem-type painting, representative of power from a barbarian tribe, worth double to a sage that specializes in barbarian legend. (30 gp)

  18. Painting of a gnomish jewel cutter in a carved and bejeweled wooden frame with nameplate "Glitteron Goldpebble " (350 gp, 800 gp for the frame, with additional 750 gp in misc. blue and white semi-precious gems ) Additional 1) artist "J. Rubyrock" is renown, dated 16 Flamerule 785 DR (800 gp) Additional 2) subject is Glitteron Goldpebble, a legendary gemcutter, famous still in current times by master gemcutters for his brilliant work. (1,200 gp)

  19. Water color of a Liiran dancer in traditional costume with blue background in a delicately carved wooden frame. (720 gp for art, 450 gp for the frame) Additional 1) signed by “Chendil” dated 1349 Additional 2) Chendil is a reknown elven artist from Procampur (1150 gp) Additional 3) the dancer is a representative figure, not a particular person (1150 gp)  Additional 4) the watercolor was lost after it was purchased at a market in Procampur (1150).

  20. Water color of a cat, simply drawn and colored with natural dyes. (5 gp) Additional 1) unsigned (5 gp)  Additional 2) piece is imaginatively rendered and well drawn, to a collector of folk art or a true art connoisseur the piece is worth considerably more (75 gp).

  21. Faded portrait of a dark-haired man in his 30’s (10 gp) Additional 1) the portrait is signed “R”, either “a” or “o”, either “u” or “v”, followed by a vaguely bumpy squiggle, circa 1325 DR.  Additional 2) the man is Mulhorandi, or of Mulhorandi decent (10 gp) Additional 3) the artist was a little-known battlefield chronicler named Ravninn who traveled with Mulhorandi military units between 1087 DR and 1104 DR. (45 gp)  Additional 4) the man cannot be identified, probably an infantry man who had the money to commission a portrait to send home to family (45 gp)  Additional 5) to a collector of military art, the artist’s signature on the piece with raise the value to 125 gp (100 gp).

  22. Painting of a cottage in spring. (25 gp)  Additional 1) signed “Filan”, circa 1368 DR. (25 gp)  Additional 2) the cottages most likely an idealized home in the style of country homes in Cormyr (25 gp).  Additional 3) the artist lives and works in Cormyr, selling his work in the market place. (25 gp)

  23. Painting of an older couple in a well appointed home. (5 gp)  Additional 1) signed “Dann Thenn”, circa 1315 DR. (5 gp)  Additional 2) couple was Staphon and Lynda of Waterdeep, painted by a contemporary artist, the couple had no children, painting sold at auction when Lynda passed. (5gp)

  24. Crude likeness of an orc chieftain painted on vellum with black ink and crudely colored in with natural dyes. (5 sp)   Additional 1) unsigned, circa 1340 DR. (5 sp)  Additional 2) the symbolism, costume, and props suggest the warlord was from the Western Heartlands (5sp)  Additional 3) the orc was a warlord named Hrarthak, killed by the Blue Banner adventuring company in 1338 DR, ending his raiding on the Scornubel region (5 sp).

  25. Painting of a matriarch in a orangey-red dress (125 gp).  Additional 1) signed by artist Miran of Baldur’s Gate, circa 1371 (225 gp)  Additional 2) the portrait was looted from the country estate of Jennelle Regan of Baldur’s Gate, who will pay a finder’s fee of  350 gp (300 gp, if the dealer knows about the finder’s fee).


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