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 13 August, 2006

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All the jewelry on this list have at least a gold piece value in brackets [], and some have a separate listing of the gem components in parenthesis.  The values are not cumulative, and the metal components are worth less without the accompanying gems.

Unlike the other art objects, the prices here are the actual value of the item, since jewelry can often by exchanged at full value.

  1. Gold necklace designed to look like flowering vines. [250 gp] 
  2. Silver armband with large violet garnet (160 gp) [200 gp].
  3. Silver ring sculpted with a dragon's head [50 gp]
  4. Gold ring with symbol of Azuth don in cloisonné [75 gp]
  5. Iron cloak pin in the shape of a 4-leaf clover [3 gp]
  6. Gold ring with light blue sapphire (1000 gp) [1,050 gp]
  7. Platinum men's ring with Celtic-type weave design [150 gp]
  8. Gold bracelet with leaf design in 12 peridots (700 gp each) [8500 gp]
  9. Gold chain with diamond pendant (5200 gp) [5500 gp]
  10. Golden bracer with copper inlay in a fire motif [450 gp]
  11. Matching silver earrings, necklace, and bracelet set with at total of 15 rhodochrosites (10 gp each) [220 gp]
  12. Gold ring with lion's head motif set with topaz eyes (250 gp each) [600 gp]
  13. String of 50 white pearls (120 gp each) with gold clasp [6000 gp]
  14. Silver heart-shaped pin [15 gp]
  15. Silver armband with dagger motif [20 gp]
  16. Gold anklet chain [35 gp]
  17. Heavy copper chain bracelet [5 gp]
  18. Platinum lady's ring with compartment [DC 20 to notice casually, DC 10 to discover during appraisal] under the amber stone (140 gp) [500 gp]
  19. Silver brooch shaped as an apple and studded with small apple green chrysophase gems [125 gp]
  20. Men's single gold earring with a ruby (3500 gp) [3550 gp]
  21. Gold amulet with runes to ward off curses encircling a very large, flawless tiger eye agate (150 gp) [250 gp]
  22. Necklace of 20 carved crimson coral rosebud shaped beads (25 gp each) and 40 gold beads (5 gp each) [800 gp]
  23. Gold necklace and bracelet set with at total of 33 amethysists (3-100 gp, 2-150 gp, and 1-250 gp) [3000 gp]
  24. Platnium necklace with 4 sapphires (500 gp each) and a diamond (5000 gp0 [8500 gp]
  25. Crown with 2 rubies (3000 gp each), yellow diamond (4500 gp), and 8 large garnets (750 gp each) [20,200 gp]
  26. Thick silver ring with a large blue quartz stone (25 gp) [35 gp]
  27. Matching man's and woman's gold puzzle rings, each with 9 interlocking pieces (3000 each) [7000 gp]
  28. Silver choker with 30 moonstones (50 gp each), and a silver dangling charm (symbol of Selune) (75 gp) [2000 gp]
  29. Pair of silver earring with a single pink moss agate stone (10 gp)  in each [25 gp]
  30. Three strings of hematite beads strung to one gold clasp (118 total beads, 10 gp each) [1200 gp]

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