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 13 August, 2006

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Character Creation

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Scarlet Seas

This is the One-Page Version of the really long Character Creation Guide I make up for each campaign.  Here's the  one Julie and I put together for the Scarlet Seas Greyhawk Campaign.

Pirates!  Swashbucklers!  Adventurers of the High Seas!  This campaign features adventures set in the Hold of the Sea Princes, a Greyhawk nation in the tropical southlands of the Flanaess.  This country of scurvy sea dogs and steamy plantations is under the thumb of the ruthless Scarlet Brotherhood, invaders from across the Azure Sea to the east.  The Red Devils have purged the governors, seized the navy, plundered the country’s once-rich coffers, and usurped the slave trade along the coast of the Amedio Jungle to the south, erecting mysterious strongholds where they garrison their armies of savages. These are desperate times, when men and women of action and daring can change the world!

1st Level

1)       Ability Scores:  40 pt. Point Buy (DMG p. 20)

2)      Race:  PHB, Humans primary.

a)      Humans pick an ethnic sub-race that determines starting languages and religions.

3)      Gender:  Play your own gender.

4)      Alignment:  No evil.  CN with express permission.

5)      Classes:  PHB, or Complete series with express permission.

a)      Piratey Classes available.  We have handouts.

b)      Prestige classes need to be approved.  Core rules and Complete series primary.

c)       Using Greyhawk gods.  Divine casters must choose.  No evil. 

6)      Hit Points:  No dice rolling.  Max 1st and 2nd level.  75% of die type for all other levels. 

7)      Skills:  A reminder that specific Knowledge Skills will be of some benefit, and:

a)      Knowledge Alchemy and Craft skills only allow you to make items you can normally purchase. 

b)      Home Rule: Bards have the additional ability to Perform, applying their ranks to 4+Cha performance types at 1st level and +1 performance types each level after.

8)      Feats:  PHB, nothing evil, Complete series with express permission.

9)      Equipment:  Max starting gold.  No tanglefoot, smoke stick, thunderstone, or magic.

10)    Character Description:

a)      Human sub-races have distinct features.  See the hand-out. 

b)      Age:  Characters should be young people starting their lives.  Even educated persons should be under the human-equivalent of 25.

i)       Home Rule: All PC races mature to adulthood between the ages of 15 and 20.  The aging process slows down dramatically at that point for many races.

11)     Gods:  All characters choose a patron deity.  Non-Evil, Greyhawk gods.  We have a list.

12)    Histories and Journals: 

a)      History (one or more pages, don’t exceed three) gets you additional starting shit.  Minor magic, feats, languages, knowledge, and 2nd level.

b)      Journaling gets you additional XP.  100 x current level per game session.

13)    House Rules of Note:

a)      Critical Hits and Fumbles:  Using crits and fumbles off a nifty chart.  Mostly fun, not too complicated.

b)      Combat Expertise:  Drop the +5 cap on the feat, pirates don't wear a lot of armor.

Starting After 1st Level

1)       New Characters start one level behind the party’s lowest level.  Creation is as above and;

2)      Money and Equipment: For each level after 1st, add 750 gp;

3)      Magic items can be purchased for characters above 3rd level with your “starting gold”.  Items must be approved by the DM and cannot exceed in power those items that have been earned by the party.

4)      Histories still count for earning additional magic, feats, languages, knowledge, and maybe one level.


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