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 11 August, 2006

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I threw this page in to group the summaries that I write together, without overly cluttering the margin of the "Unfolding Campaign" page.

The summaries are not as detailed as they could be; I throw out a lot of detail in the course of the campaign.  The players pick up on different pieces of what I mention.  The summaries are there to give the players who missed, and those who are interested, an idea of what I did as a DM, how the adventure went, and what we'll be picking up with next session.

Game Sessions

The campaign is underway!  We've had our first regular game session, and it was largely a success.  Here are the DM summaries* for you:
bulletIntroduction:  Some flavor text.  The introduction to the city of Amruthar and some of the flavor of the campaign that I am trying to emphasize.
bullet8 September '01: Players gathered and created characters.
bulletFirst Adventure
bullet15 September '01: Crossing Paths
bullet29 September '01: Sorrow's Landing
bullet6 October '01: Storming the Tower
bulletSecond Adventure
bullet10 November '01: Bad Luck in the Umber Marsh

*I sometimes get an adventure summary updated without getting this page updated.  You can see the summaries by date, since that will update automatically.


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