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 11 August, 2006

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Written in the form of a letter to Fineous' superior.

Dear A C,

        I take pen in hand, hoping the light of the Lady shines upon you all your days.  Since my last report, I have arrived in Amruthar safely.  Things are not as well as planned.   C. has disappeared.  I know that in my heart of hearts he is well.  Though he may not be that way for long.  Please allow me to elaborate from the beginning.

        I arrived at the designated location on the 7th.  The representative of “She who bargains” (for safety sake I shall refer to him only as E.) explained to me about C. 

        E. and C. spoke until 3am.  C. kept fidgeting with a strange coin.  At 5am a local vendor spotted C leaving his flat.  When E. arrived at the flat later in the day, the door was ajar.  All effects and properties were still in place.  I was introduced to some other gentlemen, whom all share a common bond in one way or another.  One possessed a coin similar to the one C. had.  When I checked it for magic, it radiated faintly of necromancy.  My traveling companion, whom also checked it, saw a different aura. So we have a coin with a changing dweomer.  Later, after visiting and praying for guidance at the shrine, the person who owned the second coin felt compelled to head out on foot south.  After avoiding a patrol of gnolls, we breached the wall and continued south.  His compulsion to head south was not strong.  I could have reasoned with him to stay, but for how long?  Plus I felt an overwhelming need to get to the bottom of things.

         We have been on the road for going on two days now.  Too bad hind sight is better than foresight, otherwise I would have paid more attention to the lessons pertaining to turning.  It has brought me to realize however, our Lady does watch over me.  When I healed the wounds of those hurt by the ghoul, I felt her power, and it feels as if it is growing stronger.

        Alas, I must close now.  It is the dawn of a new day, and time for prayer. 



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