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 11 August, 2006

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Written in the form of a letter to Fineous' superior.

Dear AC

May the light of the lady always shine upon you, and bring you good fortune  all of your days.  Well we have found C., at least what is left of him.  He is still physically in tact, but it is the mental end which has given us much consternation.  I say us since I still have my traveling companions.  They are all alive and well thanks to the healing provided to me from our  lady.  I count among friends, a budding wizard, and two... shall we say...  scoundrels for lack of a better word.  It is interesting to watch these two work, for one may be able to find a trapped chest, but not disarm the trap.  Once one disarms the trap then the other has to pick the lock.

Sorry I am rambling.

As I said, we found C.  He is in a trance like state.  Every once in a while he is lucid, but for the most part he  is a zombie (with the exception he's alive).  We found him in a tavern waiting.  After a bell rang from outside C. left only to meet a merchant.  There was an exchange of goods, with C.  taking a satchel, and giving a small bag.  We followed C. back to his room.  One of our group removed the crossbar from his inner door.  Before my friends could rifle through all of his stuff, I made them promise to return everything to the owner who is in a tower we are headed to.  My hunch is, if she is using mind control on people, she can not be all good. While enroute we came across some stirges, and a very strange worm.  It was large and combined the fire and earth elementals.  I am pretty sure we have crossed over to Priador.  But not before coming under the scrutiny of some  priests of Kossuth.

Well, I should close, for with the first light comes our investigation of the tower.  I thank the Lady and you for the chance to do good things.



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