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 13 August, 2006

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What campaign wouldn't be complete without some House Rules to confuse the players?  Here is the quick list of Catherine's House Rules.  Some rules are detailed on their own pages; follow the links to view those pages.

General Character Creation House Rules

bulletBackgrounds:  Players can earn extra experience by fleshing out their character's backgrounds.  
bullet Journals:  I'll be collecting journals, preferably on the message boards.  XP is generally 100 XP per level of the character during the game session.
bulletExperience: I will be keeping a log of all experience earned for each character.  Partly this is a control issue, partly it is to resolve any potential conflicts that may arise. 
bulletGender: Please play a character of your own real-life gender.  As a DM, I find myself easily and constantly annoyed with cross-gender characters; the annoyance unfavorably effects how I run and how the character is rewarded.  I can't be fair, so please simply make characters of your own gender.
bulletPrestige Classes:  Prestige Classes are earned; they are rewards for good role-playing.  *Lots* of prestige classes have been written, for lots of different characters and campaign.  Most are not appropriate for what I want in the campaign.  However, if you find a prestige class you like, it goes with the class, region, and current plot, then propose it as a possibility.  If it's appropriate, I'll most likely OK it and build opportunities to get it into the plot.  Then it's up to you to role-play it out.  

House Rules for Races

bulletElves sleep:  Elves sleep and dream as humans and other races do.

House Rules for Skills

bulletPerform Skill:
bulletNon-Bardic Classes:  Buy Perform as Craft (ranks go to a specific performance type).
bulletBards:  Bards have additional ability to Perform, receiving one performance type for each rank they have purchased with skill points.  All of these performance types use the same bonus to the base Perform skill.

House Rules for Combat

bulletCritical Fumble:  Got a table with interesting results.  If the group agrees, we'll use it.
bulletDying: To encourage players to attempt to save one another and be HEROIC, I've instituted this rule.  Taking damage is done according to the standard rules (see Injury and Death, PHB p. 127-129). However, you die at the beginning of your next action in which you have less than -10 hit points.  If you fall below that number and are magically healed before your next action, you still live.  This means that everyone at the table has a chance to try to something to help their friend before he dies. The rest of the rules for Dying are standard.

House Rules for Miracles and Wishes

bulletFR- Raising and Resurrecting Dead Characters: Only characters with a traceable dedication to a specific deity can be brought back from the dead.  There are exceptions for very quick spell casting after death.  I envision the process (for game purposes, not reality) like this:  the character dies, his spirit goes to the Fugue Plane. Once there and within 3 days, it gets picked up by an agent of the deity that the spirit is to reside with, based on his piety.  If the character is not pious, he is judged by Kelemvor, the God of the Dead, and assigned his eternal task.  To bring the character back, the proper deity must be implored.  The deities must make some sort of exchange with Kelemvor or the spirit's liege or, if the they possess the spirit, simply decide to allow the character to return to life.  Characters that benefit the deity implored as living beings are more likely to allowed to return to a living state.
bulletGH- Raising and Resurrecting Dead Characters: Characters with patron deities can be raised and resurrected according to standard rules.  
bulletGH- Wish: Julie has real reservations about wishes.  I'm somewhat more open on the subject, but we are agreed that wishes will come with great difficulty.  For example, anyone who defeats a Kraken in single combat is granted one wish by the Law of the Seas.

House Rules for Spells and Magic

bulletSummon Spells (Arcane and Divine): The player must have the complete statistics for the creatures summoned at the time the spell is cast or the creature summoned is not available.  Further, the player is expected to know and understand the creature's abilities, including feats, special attacks, and special defenses.  The game will not be held up for Summon spells.
bulletLimited Wish and Wish Spells: These spells can only be taken with express permission.
bulletArcane Caster Spell Selection and Preparation Limits:  Canon Rule, from the PHB (p. 178): "When preparing spells for the day, the wizard can leave some spell slots open.  Later during that day, the wizard can repeat the preparation process as often as she likes, time and circumstances permitting.  During these extra sessions of preparation, a wizard can fill these unused spell slots.  She cannot, however, abandon a previously prepared spell to replace it with another one or fill a slot that is empty because she has cast a spell in the meantime. That sort of preparation requires a mind fresh from rest.  Like the first session of the day, this preparation takes at least 15 minutes, and it takes longer if the wizard prepares more than one-quarter of her spells."  House Rule:  Arcane casters *can* abandon previously prepared spells to replace it with another spell, repeating the preparation process as often as she likes, time and circumstances permitting.  However, she still cannot fill a slot that is empty because the spell has been cast.
bulletDivine Caster Recent Casting Limit:  Canon Rule, from the PHB (p. 180):  "As with arcane spells, at the time of preparation any spells cast within the previous 8 hours count against the number of spells that can be prepared."  House Rule:  Divine Casters *do not* have this limit.



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