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 11 August, 2006

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The city of Amruthar is the trade-gate to Thay.  Sure, merchants, mercenaries and others have traveled days through Thayan lands paying taxes to the Red Wizards at toll booths along the Eastern Way.  But still, Amruthar is independent.  No Tharchion makes his home here, no Zulkir, either.

Adventuring has long been a sport in Thay, as there are many dangerous locations throughout Thay once populated by the Wizards and other powerful persons that have come to ruin.  The sons and daughters of the Wizards looking for lost spells and enchanted items, through which they hope to surpass their power-hungry parents, have hired mercenaries in Amruthar for hundreds of years.  Many of these upstarts succeeded in their endeavors, and others became ruins themselves.  In the last few decades the sons and daughters of the growing Thayan middle class have followed the young Red Wizards in this get-rich-quick-scheme called adventuring.

Young Thayan men and women come to Amruthar seeking a world of adventure and intrigue amongst the many merchants of other lands.  These merchants have chosen Amruthar for it's atmosphere of openness; at the same time, they come for the goods and slaves that are illegal in most of civilized Faerun.

Aside from the merchants and Thayan adventurers are those that have come to Thay seeking justice for themselves or innocents lost to slave pens or black-market goods.  Some never find the end to their personal quests and stay in Amruthar, looking and waiting for some sign of what has been lost that will never be found.

Many make their way to a large tavern, the Cryptic Coin.  Some see the golden coin on the sign, barely visible down a small side road off the Eastern Way, as a beacon.  Some come looking for the comfort of the familiar church of Waukeen, others come hoping that one coin will bring them more.  Whatever the circumstance, the Coin is a bustling establishment with a surprisingly pleasant atmosphere.

What's Next

On September 8th, 2001, the party will be formed of characters that find their way to the Cryptic Coin.  Once there, they will embark upon adventures that will change the land of Thay forever....


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