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 11 August, 2006

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Player: David
Character: Kal Nailo
Game Date: 8 Flamerule 1372
Real Date: 9/29/01
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Rogue 2

            After the ghoul attack Fineous, Welf, and I continued to follow Turath to the south.  After several days of travel we reached a town that was dominated by a large inn.  Turath felt the need to go into the inn and so we did.  In the bar part of the inn I discovered that Castigir was there too.  We followed Castigir out of the bar when the bell for the ferry rang.  Castigir traded bags with a merchant and returned to the inn.  We watched Castigir until he went into his room in the inn.  We broke into Castigir’s room and took the bag from him.  Castigir seemed to be brainwashed, he kept mumbling something about “the lady.”  In Castigir’s bag were a wand of magic missile, wand of charm person, and a ring of protection.  Castigir and Turath both felt the need to head west so we followed them west.  We traveled for several days and were attacked twice, once by mosquito-bats and once by a fire worm.  Eventually we reached a mysterious tower.

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