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 11 August, 2006

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Below are the pages of Regional Summaries, starting in the "Unapproachable East" with the nation of Thay.  They are severely edited materials based on the Spellbound boxed set and the FRCS.

bulletThay: A land of oppression descended from the Mulhorandi empire and turned into an artificial garden of slavery, this land is the home of the notoriously evil Red Wizards.
bulletAglarond:  Dominated by the mysterious Yuirwood, this peninsula juts into the Sea of Fallen Stars; tiny human villages cling to the northern shores of the Aglarondian peninsula.  Even Aglarond's ruler, the Simbul, is strange and distant to her people.
bulletCities of the Coast:  The cities of the southern coast of the Aglarondian peninsula are hardy and independent.
bulletRashemen:  A cool, barbaric land, Rashemen's witches guide their people on a path of survival against the elements, Red Wizards, and the Hordelands.
bulletThesk: Standing between Thay and the Sea of Fallen Stars, Thesk is an alliance of barely independent cities waiting for Thay's powerful elite wizards to turn their attention to easier pickings.
bulletMulhorand:  The ancient empire known for it's pyramids and great temples to the god-kings lies just to the south, busy with it's own troubles. (Not technically in the Unapproachable East, Mulhorand's history and influence are still very much a part of Thay today.)

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