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 11 August, 2006

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Cities of the Coast

The 10 cities along the southern coast of Aglarond and Thay have had a long and tumultuous relationship with Thay. Once part of the empire of Unther, all of the cities have at one time or another been under Thay’s control. Delthuntle, Nethra, Teth, and Laothkund are too far away for continued Thayan domination and have remained free trading cities for centuries. Despite their close proximity with Aglarond, these cities have chosen to remain fully independent, though they maintain good trade relations and standing defense agreements with Aglarond in the event of a Thayan invasion.

Until the fiery assault by salamanders and efreeti in 1357 DR, the cities of Tilbrand, Lasdur, Taskaunt, Escalant, Murbant, and Thasselen considered themselves independent also. When the last fires were out, Lasdur and Taskaunt retained their independence (mostly by virtue of being too small for Thay to bother with), and the other cities fell back under Thayan domination to one extent or another.


Thasselen is a city that lives in the shadow of terror. Badly damaged by the Thayan fire elementals in 1357, Thasselen fell to forces under the command of Hargrid Tenslayer, Tharchion of the Lapendrar. After Tenslayer perished in the Salamander War, Thasselen was handed over to Aznar Thrul and has been ruled with an iron hand ever since.

Once a city with a population of 20,000 specializing in fishing, farming, and a small amount of trade, Thasselen is today a burned-out shell of its former self. Most structures destroyed in the siege have not been replaced, and a gnoll garrison keeps the 10,000 or so people who live here in line.

Aznar Thrul considers this settlement to be his private domain, and his warriors regularly raid it for slaves and experimental subjects. With its walls breached, Thasselen is often terrorized by monsters that wander out of the Priador.

The gnolls, human warriors, and associates of the Tharchion who live nearby are given free rein to oppress, terrorize, assault, or murder the citizens of Thasselen as they choose. The central keep and the small fortresses that surround the city often echo with the screams of the Thayans’ victims.

As the people of Thasselen are considered Aznar’s personal possessions, escape is a crime punishable by Death-- or worse. The destruction of an underground movement dedicated to smuggling children and important citizens out of Thasselen was seen by Aznar as a chance to practice using his “flensing” and other horrific spells on the survivors.


Tilbrand narrowly escaped the sorry fate of Thasselen. Forced to surrender without a fight by the might of Thay’s elemental army, Tilbrand was occupied but quickly abandoned after Hargrid Tenslayer’s death in the Salamander War.

Since then, Tilbrand has remained technically under the administration of Hezess Nymar, tharchion of Lapendrar, but is not occupied due to its distant location and the difficulty of maintaining administration so far from Thay. Nymar™s agents periodically visit the city, demanding tribute, and the Tilbranders usually pay at least part of what is demanded if for no other reason than to keep the tharchion and his legions well away.

Many Tibranders consider the destruction wrought by the Thayan siege to be a blessing in disguise. Though many died in the battle, several old and run-down sections of the city were leveled, enabling the survivors to rebuild. Today Tilbrand is a walled, active port city with a population of over 25,000. Tilbrand also maintains close ties with Aglarond, and a garrison of Aglarondan rangers helps protect the city. Most Tilbranders are determined that, should the Thayans ever wish to take the city by force again, they will do so only at great cost.

Other Cities

The other cities and towns of the southern Aglarondian coast are not detailed by an official product.  Detail may be added depending on where the campaign takes us.


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