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 11 August, 2006

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Games Day 2001 at the SIUC Student Center hosted by the SIUC Strategic Games Society.

I posted a sign-up sheet early in the day for the evening slot.  By the time I got back to start the campaign, the list was full and everyone was ready to go. 

I only had one player who's been in one of my campaigns before; Mykal, who ran some games while we were out of town in October.  The other players seemed to like the idea, and it's a fun group.  Too bad I don't get to play!

Mykal had introduced himself and was helping the players come up with character ideas.  We had talked about the game and the setting, and he had been to the site and downloaded game material.  Thanks to him, some of the into work was done.

Of our players, only Mykal and one other player, Jeremy, had played D&D before.  Jeremy had played 2nd Edition AD&D.  Mykal was in my campaign last year and ran some D&D last summer (an all-girls game where the PCs were all sisters, it was a true learning experience for Myke).  Mel, Nathan, Dave, and Kyle are new to the game, but caught on quickly.

In the end, this was the party:

bulletMykal is playing Fineous Narwhal, a human priest of Tymora
bulletJeremy is playing Turath, a human swashbuckler (currently rogue, picking up fighter next)
bulletDave is playing Kal Nailo, a half-elven thief
bulletKyle is playing Welf, a moon elf wizard

There were 2 players that made characters on Game Day, but they haven't been able to make any other game sessions.

bulletMel is playing Jenna, a human fighter
bulletNathan is playing Tylin, a human monk

They all turned in an info sheet (an abbreviated character sheet for the DM to use to better understand the characters; includes some vital info, like players phone and email so I can contact them).  I asked the players to write a background for their characters, and all agreed. 

What's Next

The characters will meet in Amruthar to start their adventures.


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