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 11 August, 2006

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Sorrow's Landing

Players:  Turath/Dwel (Jeremy), Fineous (Mykal), Welf (Kyle), Kal (Dave)

I passed out experience from last week.  That and the experience from the first night was enough for everyone who played to gain level.  After a short update, the game got going.

Turath was strongly fatigued from his inability to rest, and both Kal and Welf were very disturbed by the ghoul attack.  They traveled southward along the river road and came to yet another tax station.  While the others were busy, Turath heard a disturbing rumor... there is a Fang Dragon hunting in the Priador. The party continued south a little more and camped for the night.  Again, Turath was unable to rest, but other than that, the night was uneventful.

In the morning, the guys traveled down the First Escarpment.  About the time that they have been running across tax stations, the party caught site of a small community along the River Lapendrar.  There was a large ferry in the water, as well as some small fishing boats.  The town was dominated by a large, 3 story structure, but they could make out a bakery and smithy as well.

They headed for the large building, which turned out to be the Sorrow's Landing Inn.  Once they got there, Turath's compulsion subsided. Outside the door there were two large, burly men who were clearly associated with the temple of Kossuth.  Fineous, Welf, Turath, and Kal passed by them without incident and were greeted by the innkeeper, who asked them to seat themselves while she got them a server.  In short order, a serving girl came by and they ordered some wine, water, and supper.  The guys were surprised to discover that Kal doesn't drink alcohol.  They told her they were interested in getting some rooms, and she sent over the innkeeper, who took their money for two rooms and told them that the doors would be locked two hours after sunset, keys were not available.

During supper, our adventurers discovered that they were being watched by a table full of Priests of Kossuth, who were being served by the innkeep herself, and making no effort to hide their interest. The innkeeper had brought the party to the attention of the priests after Fineous cast a quick divination spell. Kal spotted to shady characters watching their table from near the fireplace, and a man at the door.  The man at the door was wearing a heavy, hooded cowl and had his cloak pulled tightly around him.  He was rolling a golden coin in his hand, very much like Turath.  Fineous, remembering that Castigir had left his riding boots in his room, asked about the man's boots.  They were new riding boots.

As they were finishing their meal and their observations, the party heard a bell being rung down the street from the inn.  About half of the inn's patrons finished up their drinks and headed out the door.  The man at the door was one of the first out the door.  The party followed, quickly discovering that the bell signaled the arrival of the ferry. 

At the dock, they noticed the man talking with a merchant who was directing the porters moving his caravan off the ferry.  Fineous went over to catch the tail end of the conversation, but it was over before he got there.  The man was now just standing there, and Fineous tried to strike up a conversation.  The man didn't seem to notice Fineous, even when Fineous nudged him.  Suddenly the man started moving, walking over to the merchant and giving him a blue velvet bag that he pulled out of under his cloak.  In return, the merchant gave him a satchel, which the man pulled into his cloak and strapped on.  With that, the mystery man trudged back to the inn and resumed his seat.  The adventurers followed him and they noticed that the shady characters hadn't returned but the priests were still there.  They ordered some more drinks and waited for an opportunity to find out what was in the satchel.

Near dusk there was the loud sound of a firecracker (which frightened Welf horribly), and again many of the bar's patrons left.  The mystery man headed upstairs and our troop made no secret of following him.  They heard him drop the bar inside the door after he entered a room on the third floor.  Turath quickly disabled the bar and they entered the room.  The man was just sitting on the bed, staring into space, and didn't even seem to notice that a bunch of men had entered his room. 

The party decided that the mystery man was Castigir, and Kal could confirm that (I'd forgotten that Kal had met him, and no-one asked if they recognized him... one of those weird things that happens in RPGs).   Again they tried to get Castigir's attention, but didn't seem to get anywhere.  They decided to get the satchel and open it, when Castigir finally snapped out of it... a bit.  He recognized Kal, and told him that he shouldn't be there.  He seemed confused but managed to tell them that he was making the exchange for a green-eyed woman, and that he'd lost his horse.  Getting that information took Fineous a great deal of time.  The others opened the satchel and discovered 3 boxes inside.  The boxes were locked, but that didn't stop the guys from discovering that the two wands  and ring (identified as a Wand of Magic Missiles, Wand of Charm Person, and a Ring of Protection).  They also discovered the keys to the locks sewn into some cloth in the bag- after they closed up the boxes.  They decided to take the obviously magical items and divide them up.

Once again, the compulsion suddenly struck Turath, and it seemed to strike Castigir as well.  They all left the inn, and headed east, towards the docks.  Castigir tried to get the ferry to cross, but the Ferryman told them he doesn't sail after dark, and suggested that they get a fisherman to take them across.  In short order, they did find a fisherman to take them across for a handful of gold.  Once on the other side, they traveled a little bit and decided to camp.  Castigir needed to be restrained from continuing to stubble across the Priador, but Turath was finally ready to rest.

In the night the guys were attacked by a small flock of Stirges, most of which they killed.  They decided to spend the next day recovering from the rather draining experience.  The next night was uneventful, and they headed east in the morning.  During the day they came across some landscapes still effected by the Salamander War years earlier; patches of earth still hot and smoking slightly.  By evening they had still not reached their destination and camped again.  While Kal was on watch, he spotted a strange worm with a hot poker-like end.  The camp quickly woke and the creature was killed.  By morning, it was still not cool, and an examination showed the creature was some sort of earth/fire elemental.  Leaving the strange creature behind, they traveled eastward some more until they came to a tower and some ruined buildings. 


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