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 11 August, 2006

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Storming the Tower

Players:  Turath/Dwel (Jeremy), Fineous (Mykal), Welf (Kyle), Kal (Dave)

I'm writing this entry some weeks after the game session, which was largely combat encounters.  Therefore, who exactly did what heroic thing is not as easily recalled as I would like, but at least there's a record of the events at the end of this adventure series.

I passed out experience from last week, got something to eat.  After a short update, the game got going.

Blackboard Image of the TowerI drew out the tower that the party came to last week on the blackboard and reminded them that it was afternoon. 
To see an example of my fabulous blackboard drawing skills, I reproduced the simple drawing in Paint Shop Pro for your amusement.

Besides the drawing, I described the tower and the building as being joined.  The tower is of stone construction and the building is wooden, and in great disrepair, with holes in the roof and one end falling in on itself. 

The party decided they would rather investigate the tower after dark and immediately retreated behind a rise.  To keep Turath and Castigir from heading to the tower too soon under the compulsion, they were both tied up for the afternoon, and Castigir was gagged. 

Peeking over the rise they did their best to see what was going on at the tower.  On either side of the door is a human-sized form, but from the distance the party is at, they cannot discern more. And I drew 2 stick figures, one on each side of the door (although they don't appear in the drawing above, I'm sure you can use your imagination and draw them in yourself).  The figures did not move all afternoon, and neither did the party.

After sundown, the party decided to move, and untied Castigir and Turath.  Castigir started running in the dark for the tower, and the party let him go.  Turath stayed with the bulk of the party as they all ambled after the compulsed NPC cleric.

They stayed close enough to notice that Castigir simply went into the tower, without making some kind of sign or being questioned by the guards.  Upon drawing closer, they could make out that the figures guarding the door were human skeletons, and neither was moving.

Fineous cast Invisibility to Undead on himself and a fellow party member (which is was I can't recall- for reasons that will be obvious in a moment) and they moved up to within 40 feet of the door.  The skeletons suddenly jerked to life, red eyes glowing, but otherwise did not move.  Fineous immediately attacked the skeletons, and his spell dissipated.  The skeletons turned on their attackers but were soon dispatched.

Composing themselves, the party moved onward, into the tower.  They entered the ruined building through the door, and quickly spread out to search the open room.  Discovering little more than rats and a single door to the tower, they formed up again in a nice, neat line.  They opened the door and were attacked by more undead.

The skeletons on the ground floor were heading for the door when the party opened it.  Gaining the initiative, they swarmed around the party and attacked.  After a nasty fight, each character wounded, they decided to head up the stairs. 

As they came up to the second floor, with Fineous in the lead, they saw Castigir standing stupefied next to a Red Wizardess wearing some sort of odd, vaguely turbanish, thing on her head.  There were also an number of zombies in the room.  The Wizardess pointed in the party's direction and shouted, "Kill them!"  The zombies and Castigir moved in to attack.

The zombies and Castigir kept most of the party at bay, choking the top of the staircase.  Fineous and Welf held the stairs off the zombies, without killing Castigir.  Welf stayed with Fineous as his attack spell, Magic Missile, wouldn't penetrate the Wizardess' Shield spell.  Turath made a great swashbuckling move and leapt over the stair-wall and crossed the floor to attack the Red Wizardess.  She turned her attention to him, and nearly killed him before Kal came to his aid and they managed to get behind her Shield spell, getting the flank and killing her.  At that point Castigir was released from his stupor and he immediately Turned the zombies, destroying them.  When the Wizardess fell, the turban on her head unfolded and started moving, like a bloated slug.  Turath decided that it would be better for all if he killed it.  Then they all moved to the third floor, and they looted the Wizardess' private chambers.

The Red Wizardess was apparently not very rich or very powerful.  She had some minor magic, and some spell books, but little else.  Castigir quickly retrieved a Crystal Skull from it's prominent place on her shelf, and gave it a clearly malicious look before announcing that it was all he wanted; it was not something to be used lightly.  Kal found a small box with some more Lucky Coins, and Turath quickly added his to the pile.  Castigir explained their use; only Fineous wanted one.  The party divided the rest of the bounty.

While resting, Welf and Castigir went to see about the slug-like creature that was with the Wizardess.  There were 3 holes in her fore-head, and the creature had 3 fangs, set in a triangular formation.  It had been there for some time, and the Wizardess' body looked sickly and too-thin.  Castigir collected the creature and placed it in a jar, for further study and research in Amruthar.

After resting, they decided to head back to Amruthar.  They headed across the Priador, where the only thing they saw as the Fang Dragon.  It circled the area once, then dove downward, attacking something about a mile away.  Whatever the Dragon snatched up was large, and it carried it's prey away to the east.

After crossing the River Lapendrar with Castigir's magical aid, they traveled the road back to Amruthar with little difficulty.  Kal was paid 50 gp by Erland for helping to find Castigir, since he was making the effort to get that reward when the adventure started.

I passed out experience for this adventure and the characters were updated.  The players are set for the next adventure!


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