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 11 August, 2006

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I use a fairly large number rulebooks and sourcebooks, but by no means all of them. I find that while there are interesting, inspiring, and fun character classes and alternate rules offered in other places (d20 rulebooks, d20 sourcebooks, Dragon Magazine, other DMs creations, and the internet), I don't agree with many of the rules and rule exceptions offered in those same works.

Below are the sourcebooks that I own and use, with selected notes about what will and will not be used in each.  Finally, the cardinal rule of sources:

I will not run a game using materials that I do not own.

This is a standard policy that I incorporated some time ago, when the AD&D class and race handbooks came out. I quickly grew tired of players building characters with rules that I never read and then playing catch-up at the game table. The d20 fantasy variants make this even crazier.  I figure that if they want to use the books and have character using non-standard rules they can run a campaign of their own, where I can play and see how "benign" these rules really are. Until then, this is my campaign.

Sources in Use

Unless otherwise noted, all sources are 3.5E if an update has been made, or 3E.

Rulebooks and Sourcebooks for Players and the DM

bulletPlayer's Handbook [PHB]*
bulletDungeon Master's Guide [DMG]*
bulletForgotten Realms Campaign Setting [FRCS]
bulletPlayer's Guide to Faerun (players are encouraged to own a copy)
bulletMagic of Faerūn (with permission) [MoF]*
bulletFaiths & Pantheons [F&P] (priest players are encouraged to have a copy of the relevant parts)
bulletThe Complete Fighter (with permission)
bulletThe Complete Divine (with permission)
bulletSword & Fist [S&F] (with permission, will be superceded by 3.5 references)
bulletDefenders of the Faith [DotF] (with permission, will be superceded by 3.5 references)
bulletTome & Blood [T&B] (with permission, will be superceded by 3.5 references)
bulletSong & Silence [S&S] (with permission, will be superceded by 3.5 references)
bulletMasters of the Wild [MotW] (with permission, will be superceded by 3.5 references)

Catherine's DMing Sources

bulletMonster Manual [MM]*
bulletMonster Manual II [MM2]
bulletMonsters of Faerūn [MonF]*
bulletFiend Folio
bulletTome of Horrors
bulletOriental Adventures [OA]
bulletLords of Darkness
bulletBook of Vile Darkness
bulletFaiths & Avatars [F&A] (2E reference, use FRCS and F&P for PC Class rules)
bulletPowers & Pantheons [P&P] (2E reference, use FRCS and F&P for PC Class rules)
bulletDemihuman Deities [DD] (2E reference, use FRCS and F&P for PC Class rules)
bulletForgotten Realms Atlas (2E)
bulletForgotten Realms Boxed Set (2E)
bulletSpellbound Boxed Set (2E)
bulletDreams of Red Wizards (1E)
bulletWeb Enhancements for the 3E sources above

Other Sources the DMs are Likely to (Ab)Use at Whim

These sources are for the DM to use only; materials from these sources will be introduced into the campaigns a piece at a time.

bulletMonte Cook's Book of Eldritch Might [BoEM]
bulletMonte Cook's Item Creation FAQ
bulletManual of the Planes [MotP]
bulletDragon Magazines
bulletTraps & Treachery
bulletCreature Catalogue
bulletDen of Thieves (2E)
bulletAny Monstrous Manual or Appendix (2E)
bulletOf Ships and the Sea (2E)
bullet1st Edition DMG, Manual of the Planes
bulletGrimtooth's Traps
bulletSpells and Magic Items from Anywhere**

Banned Books

These are books that I do own but will not be using at this time, no matter how much anyone begs.  When I'm ready to use them, I'll move them off this list and onto the list above.

bulletPsionics Handbook
bulletExpanded Psionics Handbook
bulletBook of Exalted Deeds


*Books noted with a asterisk are the only ones that I am likely to have on me during game play. So, if you make a character that uses rules from any other books, you will have to bring those books or the parts that pertain to your character. (There is no way I'm going to carry all that stuff around every week.)

**Clever people will note that I won't let people play characters from other sources, but that I will use stuff from those same sources. It may be seem unfair, but it's really a matter of control. Any spells and items that are unique (i.e. gotten from these outside sources) are up for grabs, should the characters work to get them. Spells will be in spell books (somewhere) and items can be acquired (by death or compromise). This way, there is unexpected variety in the game, just not during character creation (trust me, I deal a lot with the unexpected here anyway).


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