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 11 August, 2006

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Some personalities were edited out by the DM; some of the information Jeremy gave about some of the characters in Turath's life should be saved for later...

Turath's History

Turath's given name is Dwel Millrow.  He grew up in western Aglarond, in Delthuntle.  His father was a well-off,  but not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, merchant named Thomas Millrow.  His mother name is Senecia, and she had married his father solely for his money, though Thomas thinks she loves him deeply.  Senecia never took much interest in her child, and Thomas spent a great deal of his time managing his business.  Thus Dwel spent much of his time alone.  Four years ago his father started teaching his son the ways of commerce so he could help with and eventually take over the business.  Dwel didn't care for business, and his father didn't approve.  Dwel had always been fascinated with stories of noble outlaws and the like, and his father felt that such stories were so much romantic nonsense, and that Dwel had an overactive imagination.  Their relationship began to suffer, as Thomas felt Dwel needed to take more responsibility for the business, and Dwel became more interested in a life of adventure.  Recently things came to a head, and Dwel left his parents.  Thomas was angry, and egged Dwel on, thinking he wouldn't be able to handle it and that he would return in short  order.  Senecia, as always, was uninterested.  Dwel had always admired most in the stories those who used their brains over their strength, and so he took a new name and set out on the path of the rogue.


    Dwel has always been intensely curious.  As a child, he was always looking for somewhere new to explore or some new toy to examine.  As he matured, this also became an interest in other races and cultures, as well as magic items.  He is always willing to listen to stories of other lands, and finds the art and stories of other races and lands fascinating.  He is a firm believer in the sanctity of personal choice and open mindedness, and despises discrimination and racism of all sorts.  I imagine he will have a very big problem with the red wizards and their slavery when he learns of it, if he hasn't already.  He has not found a firm belief in any god, although he is certainly willing to listen and be educated about them.  He tends to respond negatively towards worshippers of Waukeen, becoming cold and uncommunicative toward them.  He also finds the vast majority of the evil gods to be appalling, and is instantly suspicious of their followers.  One of his great faults is a problem with self control, as he is short tempered and given to impulsive actions.  He is also not very self reflective, and fails to see the conflict between his feelings on open mindedness and his own prejudice against follows of Waukeen.  We can only hope he matures some and finds a faith of his own throughout the course of the campaign.

Catherine Keene: Awarded 150 xp, +2 Appraise check, and “Coin”

Before the start of the first adventure proper, Jeremy asked if a friend of his might play if he comes to visit.  I'm good with that, and saw an opportunity to twist my first plot around.  So we added a character that Turath knows, Lorvell.  Lorvell is a childhood friend of Turath's, who left Delthuntle about a year ago to pursue his own adventuring career.  He sent Turath a note that said something to the effect of:

I got this coin from an merchant who claimed to be from Amruthar.  I find myself strangely interested in it, and am traveling to Amruthar to find out more about it.

The note was sealed with a strange looking coin-like seal that had the words "Cryptic Coin" around it in Mulhorandi script.  Folded into the note was a magical coin.

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