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 11 August, 2006

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       7 & 8 Flamerule 1372

         I arrived in Amruthar and found the Cryptic Coin today, and began looking for Lorvell.  The barkeep, Erland, said he knew Lorvell and asked me to take a table in the back and wait for him, at which point he asked another fellow to watch the bar and went upstairs.  A few minutes later, he came back down with a pack and a bag and started strange questions and describe a person that couldn't possibly be Lorvell.  After I described the Lorvell I knew and grew up with, he suddenly agreed with me, and stated he must have been thinking of someone else.  I can't help but think he was testing me to see if I knew who Lorvell was.  Anyway, it turns out that Lorvell has been missing for the past 18 days.  Erland was the one who sent Lorvell's note and the coin to me.  Erland said that someone named Castigir had some interest in Lorvell, and Lorvell has apparently been in some kind of trouble with a Tharchion, but wasn't willing to give out any details.  A few days ago, Castigir disappeared as well. 

         The pack Erland brought down contained Lorvell's belongings, which amounted to mundane items and clothing, and provided no clue to his fate.  I'm honestly worried for him at this point.

         While I was examining Lorvell's belongings, two fellows who had been talking to Erland came over to my table, as well as a half-elf who had been hanging around.  The pair that had been talking to Erland introduced themselves as Fineous and Welf, and the half-elf calls himself Kal.  They all seemed to have some interest in Castigir, and Fineous was interested in the coin.  I offered to let him examine it.  After he took it, I began to feeling a strange unease.  I tried to ignore it and concentrate on what was happening, but it was difficult.  Welf cast a spell, saying he was checking the coin for magic.  He and Fineous said something about conflicting dweomers, and Fineous mentioned necromancy.  I don't know much about magic, but I don't like what I heard.

         I was surprised so suddenly find Fineous holding my hand against the table and telling me to settle down, and I'd get it back.  I had been reaching for the coin without even noticing.  Now that I think back on it, I had the coin in my hand before this conversation even started.  I seem to find myself messing with it whenever I'm not engaged in any other activity.  Fineous seems...concerned.  I can't help but get the feeling this coin is going to be trouble.

         After the tavern closed, Erland asked Kal to go help Carson, and then brought Fineous, Welf, and myself into the kitchen.  He opened a panel in the wall and performed some action, which caused a section of the floor to sink into the ground, carrying us with it.  Upon reaching the bottom, he escorted us to an underground chamber, and outlined the operation of an escape route for slaves or other people with red wizard trouble.  Fineous went to a shrine room in the south to perform his devotions.  Being moderately curious, I peeked in and saw him kneeling before a shrine and gesturing.  Welf busied himself studying the log books of those who had used the escape route, but didn't turn up any names of interest or use.  I found myself sticking the coin back in my pocket every time I thought of it, even though I couldn't remember bringing it back out.

         After Fineous finished his devotions, Erland used a hideously complicated apparatus to raise the elevator and place us back in the kitchen.  On the way up, I began to feel a strange urge to go south.  I tried to shake it off, but as soon as we reached the top I had to take off.  After heading outside I remembered the gnoll patrols and tried to stick to the shadows and make myself as inconspicuous as possible.  I managed to make it to the east gate, but stopped there, as the gate was heavily guarded.  The others caught up and I immediately began hunting for a way through the gate or over the wall.  We ended up using Kal's grappling hook and muffling it with part of Fineous's robes.  Kal climbed up first and hid as best he could.  Welf started to climb, but fell about halfway up.  He was knocked unconscious, but Fineous healed him.  At this point I felt compelled to go over the wall and let down a rope, and immediately start off again.  I don't even know what happened after that, but somehow the others caught up to me. 

         After traveling for some hours we stopped to rest, but by noon I was feeling compelled to get up and go again.  We had to pass through a tax station, Fineous paying our way because he was the only one with Thayan coin.  Except for a brief incident with a gnoll at the station, the afternoon was uneventful.

         The rest of the party insisted on stopping at sunset, but I felt compelled to go on.  I stayed up all night trying to fight it.  On Welf's watch, something (one doesn't learn much about the undead while studying business) snuck into camp and attacked Kal.  I must have distracted Welf, as neither of us noticed it until it was too late.  Kal never even got the chance to scream.  Everything is somewhat blurry after that.  I remember attacking the creature, and Welf shooting fire and some sort of magic projectile at it before he went down.  I kicked Fineous awake and he shouted something about Tymora and banishing.  He shouted again to no noticeable effect as I finished the thing off.  Fineous healed Welf and Kal's wounds, and the rest of the night was uneventful, except for my constant activity.

         So here I am, on my first adventure.  Out in the woods headed for a destination I don't even know, having done more harm than good for my party, utterly exhausted, and possessed of a coin that seems to be having abnormal effects on me.  This isn't how the stories made it out to be at all.

         In summary, although he won't even admit it to himself, Turath is confused, disappointed with the adventuring life, and basically scared shitless.  Being the chaotic, stubborn character that he is though, he'd rather stick it out than go back home.  I'm sure he'll start to enjoy himself after he gets used to the undead eating his companions.


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