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 11 August, 2006

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Well, it's time to find out more about where the campaign is taking place, and what's going on. 

The campaign is currently set in Thay and the surrounding lands.  The adventures are based in the city of Amruthar- well into Thayan lands, but still touting independence.

Adventure Synopsis and Maps

First Adventure MapFirst Adventure
(Sept 15- Oct 6, 2001)
PCs meet in Amruthar.  They follow Turath, who is under a magical compulsion to Sorrow's Landing, where they find Castigir, Fineous' superior who went missing in Amruthar some time before.  Following Castigir and Turath, they found a wizard's tower and fought a lone Red Wizard.  Having freed Turath and Castigir from their compulsions, the party returned to Amruthar.

Second Adventure
(still in progress)
(Nov 10-17, 2001):
PCs find out about an artifact lost in the Umber Marshes from Castigir.  They head to Nethjet and meet a guide.  They go into the Marsh, where Welf dies in a fight with a troll.



DM Summaries

For details on the adventures, you can check out the DM Summaries.  They are updated after every game, and include all kinds of information about the game sessions.

Characters & Journals

Below are the characters from the campaign.  Included in this section are some of the "Journals" from the characters in the campaign.  Journals are character-specific and do not have to be accurate to everything that happened to all the characters.
bulletFineous:  Character profile & Mykal has sent in the first journal for me to post. I also posted his history, because the journal makes no sense without it.
bulletKal: Character profile and journals
bulletTurath: Character profile and journals
bulletWelf: Character profile

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