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 13 August, 2006

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About the Guilds

The Guilds are updated to 3E.  The Spells available on scroll are now priced in a more 3E style, the prices of inks and papers are more in line with the PHB.  However, the prices of books, and particularly spellbooks are higher than the PHB.  Also, I upped the prices of Inkpens and kept a listing for Quills and Brushes (all listed under the category or Writing Tools).

bulletChanges in Book Prices from the PHB: This stems from an inconsistency in the PHB pricing scheme between Paper, Parchment (I refer to it as Vellum) and the Spellbook listed.  Using the PHB scheme, the paper or vellum in a spell book is worth 15 copper pieces, verses the 4 or 2 silver pieces listed for the Paper and Parchment; and that's not taking the book cover and binding into consideration.  Seemed that they overcompensated in making the Spellbook "affordable".  So, I added a "binding" cost component (that includes a leather cover).  To figure the cost of the book, I added the price of the paper or vellum to the binding cost.  For thick books, I added 5 gp.
bulletChanges in Writing Tools (Inkpens) from the PHB:  This is another place where I felt they under valued the item.  The inkpen from the PHB is on the list, but it's a common writing instrument not suitable for the delicate nature of scribing spells in books and scrolls.  Also, I personally like the theory that spells are better scribed with organic media, so I came up with a "Wizard's Inkpen".  Also, I listed Brushes, Quills, and Charcoal for those occasions when a player would like to make an odd purchase.

The Guilds

The Guild info is split into 2 sections, to better suit a campaign concept, and to make an easy "mundane" list vs. "fantastic" list.  The Guild of Arcane Lore is the "fantastic" Mage's Guild price listing of equipment and services (not discussing the creation, commission, or sale of Magic Items in specific, but giving some general guidelines).  The Scribes and Cartographers Guild gives a listing of equipment for scribes, calligraphers, and cartographers as well as a pricing scheme for maps.

bulletGuild of Arcane Lore:  Price list for common Mage Guild products and services, as well as some solid working policies for PC related transactions.
bulletScribes & Cartographers' Guild:  A companion for the Guild of Arcane Lore, the Scribes and Cartographers have prices for products and services for the more mundane calligraphic arts.
bulletDownload: Guilds: The Guild of Arcane Lore, the Scribes and Cartographers Guild, and the notes from this page.  Word 7 Document.

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