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 13 August, 2006

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Forgotten Realms

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Forgotten Realms
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Campaign World

The Forgotten Realms is my current preferred campaign setting.  I like the high magic, high adventure flavor of the setting.  Before running FR, I ran campaigns in Mystara (original D&D world setting) and Hârn (by Columbia Games, I made a major conversion and ran it using AD&D).  I liked both settings a great deal, and learned a lot in running them. 

The Forgotten Realms won out with the great game support and continued investment by Wizards of the Coast in putting out new source material and supplements.  That keeps the setting fresh and moving.  To highlight this, Wizards of the Coast did some great advertising, including the Red Wizard ad that I've adapted into the art at the right.

To find out more about about the Forgotten Realms from the official site, click on the link below:

bulletThe Forgotten Realms Official Site

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You'll find basic Forgotten Realms information on the following pages:

bulletMaps:  Map of Thay modified for the King's Tears 2001 campaign.
bulletTimekeeping Aids:  Aids for keeping time in the Realms.
bulletCalendar: Basic calendar for the Realms, suitable for any Realms game.
bulletRoll of the Years:  The titles of the years, used by Faerunians to mark the years.  Look up the year your PC was born!  Complete with corrections.

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