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 13 August, 2006

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Below are files that I use for creation and maintenance of my characters and my campaign.  Many of the files I have either written or edited.  I have tried to give credit where credit is due.  If anything posted here violates anyone's creative rights, please let me know what I can do to correct the situation.

All files on this site were archived/compressed/zipped with WinZip. 
To use them, you will need to have an "unzipping" program like:

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I did *not* write these programs. I found these programs elsewhere on the internet, and cannot find the original sites of the ones housed here.  If placing these programs on this site offends any person's rights to this material, or they would like additional information placed as a credit, please let me know.

Some of these programs were written for the 2nd Edition AD&D, but are still useful.  Entries described in green take you offsite; these programs are being updated and you should patronize the original sites anyway! The links should open in a new window.

bulletJamis Buck's NPC Generators: 
bulletJamis Buck's NPC Generator for 3E:  The original NPC and leveled character/monster creator.  Quick and simple to use.  Like everything else in 3E and 3.5E, there were more and more options/complications and Jamis moved on to a different format.  Still, this program is a favorite for cranking out random NPCs or slapping a few levels of warrior, barbarian, rogue, etc. on a humanoid monster.  Even worked great for making a quick Mind-Flayer mages.
bulletJamis Buck's NPC Generator 2.0 for 3.5:  Updated by Andargor, this version of the NPC generator only generates PCs races and base classes.
bulletWeather Generator: This is an simple program, originally created for Greyhawk, but that was a long time ago, in the 1st Edition.  It actually works for any RPG, as it generates weather for a particular terrain at a particular latitude and elevation. You can generate up to 3 months of weather.

Character Creation & Character Sheets

bulletHeroForge:  Chris Mathieu started this Excel spreadsheet character generator for 3E.  The output looks exactly like the WotC character sheet.  Keeping track of what points were spent where and letting the spreadsheet automatically calculate and update your character's BAB, AC, Skills, and Saves is invaluable!  It has some problems, but it's very easy to adjust or overwrite.  It's THE program that I've been using since I found it!  Shannon Greene has been updating it steadily for 3.5E.  His version is what I'm currently using, with a few adjustments.  To get the latest sheet, go directly to: Shannon Greene's HeroForge Website. 

Scott Bennie's Files

If you've come looking for Scott Bennie's Mulhorandi materials, this page was a good guess.  I've actually got them stashed in the Goodies section, at the Scott Bennie page.

Other Files

bulletD&D DM's Party Data Pack (Excel & Word Files, use whichever version suits your fancy): This packet of forms is for the DMs that need to keep track of certain party data. This pack includes the Adventure Sheet that I pass around at the beginning of every game session as a Word document and in the Excel spreadsheet. It asks for common information about the characters. I use it as a reference during and after the game session to keep track of the character's current levels, combat statistics, and experience. It also serves as a way of letting the player's know that the game is starting, and gets them to think about marching orders/watches before the game gets going. There is a "Question of the week" on the form that the player's enjoy answering. Provided in the pack is a list of questions to use.
bulletFR Calendar Document:  Here is a pretty, one page calendar that I give out to my players so they know how the year passes. 
bulletRoll of the Years:  The full Roll of the Years as a Word 97 document.  There are 2300 year entries total, which I managed to pack into 9 pages using 8 pt font and 4 columns per page.  This listing is taken from the WotC site some time ago, with the corrections that were posted to the FR list.  This is still the list that WotC is using.

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