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 13 August, 2006

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My Private Passage by Al Dawson, used with permissionFrom the Forgotten Realms Adventures book:

"King's Tears: Sometimes called Frozen Tears or Lich Weepings, these gems are known only in the Realms, and are rare there. Clear, teardrop-shaped, smooth surfaced, and awesomely hard ... these stones are said to be the crystallized tears of long-dead necromancer kings. In each gem can be seen that which the weeping king loved long ago: in some, women; in some, lands now lost and forgotten or greatly changed with time; in some, dreams...."


Hi!  Welcome to Scot and Catherine's 3E D&D fan-site; King's Tears: D&D in the Forgotten Realms and Beyond.  My name is Catherine and since I'm the one with the interest in creating the site, I'll be your host. Some pages are still "coming soon" but that's part of a work in progress (something that all campaigns and websites are).  I recently rearranged some of the structure of the website; my FR campaign is under Forgotten Realms and Scot's Greyhawk campaign is in the Beyond FR section. 

bulletClick here to see a schedule of the adventures that I'll be running this fall.

Both my husband, Scot, and I have been playing D&D since the early 1980's.  We each run games at the local game club for our friends, and our friends run games.  We have a lot of ideas that we would like to share.

Some of the ideas for D&D that we want to share are for our games and our players.  Since I run an open game at the local game club, I want my players to have access 24/7 to character creation rules, home rules, and some campaign info.  Additionally, we have created some magic items, price lists, character sheets, and other tidbits that other Players and DMs out there might like to use.  

Most of the material on this site is for the "new" edition of D&D.  However, there are still may be some things that are designed for AD&D or that can be used by AD&D fans.

Navigation/What's on the site

Use the buttons on the top and left to take you to various areas of the site.  Many pages will have some description of what follows in the main body of the page.

bulletForgotten Realms: Here is where I've put info about my FR campaign. There is also some general FR material here for my players to reference.
bulletBeyond FR:  I've put info for Scot's Greyhawk (Temple of Elemental Evil) info here.
bulletGoodies:  Stuff for DMs to use: Magic Items, Treasure Lists, Mage and Scribe Guilds. 
bulletI've got a page here for Scott Bennie's Mulhorandi goodies, too!
bulletAbout this Site: Table of Contents, Biography, and Glossary.
bulletDownloads:  Programs and forms that I use; you might like them, too!
bulletLinks: Links to interesting sites around the web.

A note about links you'll find around this site:

You will find links all over this site: in the margins, in text, as buttons and icons, and in the bulleted sections.  I try to follow some basic patterns with the links:

bulletLinks in the margins and in the navigation descriptions and will take you from the page you are on to the linked page on my site, and the Off Site Links buttons and icons will open new windows to those sites. 
bulletLinks in regular text will either open a new window to the referenced material if the material is off site or take you to the linked page if that page is on my site. 
bulletLinks on the Links pages will take you off my site completely to the linked sites, so be sure to bookmark my home page to come back another day.

If any material on this site violates any person's or company's copyright, please let me know what I can do to correct the situation.

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