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 13 August, 2006

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Our Games and Campaigns

Because we live in a college town, we've got a lot of gaming opportunities.  However, they come and go with surprising quickness.  There are times when they all stack up, then they all dry up!  Gaming is crazy everywhere... 

I run a campaign during the school year.  Generally, the campaign only lasts the school year, and I start a new one with the new year.  The campaigns are open, meaning that as long as there is space at the table, anyone can play. 

On Sunday, we've got a group of friends that come over.  We have a young son, so some of our gaming is at home and even then, our characters often get "ghosted" as we wander off to give him some attention. 

Joining the "Open" Saturday Campaign: Scarlet Seas

This game is a local, table-top game with
internet support.  It is NOT an online game.  

For the '06 school year, and maybe another year after, I'm running a campaign with my good friend Julie.  We'll be switching off the GMing work every week or couple of weeks, depending on how the story is going along.  

The Campaign is set in the world of Greyhawk, in the Hold of the Sea Princes.  The theme is piratey, as we've not done that in a long while and there's images of Johnny Depp in black eyeliner popping up everywhere.  They are too hard to ignore, so we took it as a sign.  However, I don't think that we'll be using those storylines.

You might wonder, "Why Greyhawk?  You've got this site devoted to Forgotten Realms!"  Well, GH is a sort of Neutral Ground.  My husband ran it for years, so we've got materials and a feel for the setting.  FR is more my thing, and Julie runs a great home-brew based on her vast knowledge of Greek Mythology--she calls it Eurybia, I affectionately call it Greek Tragedy World.

If you want to know more, go to Julie and Catherine's 3.5E D&D Campaign- SIUC Strategic Games Society message board.  This was formerly labeled King's Tears RPG Campaigns, and I updated it for the shared game.  I've posted the game info there.

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