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 13 August, 2006

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The truth?  There's only a few of links below that I think you need to visit, if you haven't already:  Go to the WotC site to get the great support for the game from the guys who make it; Go to EN World for everything on the d20 industry; Go to Bruce A Gulke's Mythosa site and download Tablesmith, the best utility for any DM.  Everything else is gravy.

d20 Companies and Organizations

bulletOpen Gaming Foundation:   Read and acquire the System Resource Document (The PHB, DMG, & MM rolled into one) and other d20 legal stuff.
bulletWizards of the Coast:  The true source of Dungeons & Dragons.

Miniatures, Dice, and Other Supplies

bulletChessex:  Makes dice, battlemats (vinyl mats with 1" squares that you can use wet-erase markers to draw your battles out on), and other gaming accessories.
bulletReaper Miniatures:  Most of the figures that I use for my characters are from Reaper.  They've got great sculptors and a variety of character concepts; we even found one for my husband's troll for Earthdawn!
bulletTactical Miniatures:  I found a great little company that makes some 28mm modern figs and sells Vallejo Game Colors, the best paints I've found for miniatures, at the best price on the web.

D&D Utilities

bulletWorld of Mythosa RPG Utilities:  The home of Bruce A. Gulke's Tablesmith program.  I use that program to generate treasure, names, and other lists for D&D.  I've added tables to it to generate horses for the marketplace, ships, and other stuff.  Go to my Tablesmith page for a description of the tables I've made available for download.
bulletShannon Greene's HeroForge Website:  Black Bart has updated the HeroForge character generator in Excel for a long time.  It got big, complicated, time consuming, and then simply too much.  A Yahoo! Group took over the updating, and separated the Spell info to create SpellForge.  I've been using this updated version.

Recommended Sites

bulletEN World:  d20 News and Rumors, Downloads, and Links.  Always current, it's my home page for my web browser.
bulletCandlekeep: The Library of Forgotten Realms Lore:  Best of the FR mailing list and more! 
bulletFantasy Name Generator:  Samuel Stoddard created this online generator for making fantasy names.
bulletMedieval Demographics Made Easy:  S. John Ross compiled some fascinating historical info together to create this article on Medieval Demographics.  There's a speadsheet and java program based on the article for free here, too.


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For a full listing of d20 game publishers, what they've produced, and how good the product is, go to EN World and check out their Product Guide/Reviews section.

d20 System Link
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System Reference Document (SRD) and d20 legal info

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