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 13 August, 2006

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In many ways, this section this the crème filling of the site.  There's some (hopefully) fun and useful stuff here.

Terms of Use

If you want to use any of this stuff that I've created, cool.  But, like most of us that are creating things and letting other people use them, I ask that you give me credit for the goodie .  Do not use anything here in any way that earns you money.  If you do post any of the stuff, put a link back to my site on the page where you post the goodie, and please let me know so that I can check it out. 

If you would like to use anything that was created by people than me, that's cool, too!  But before you distribute or post material, get permission from the original creator and contributors!


King's Tears Goodies

bulletMagic Items:  Magic Items for my campaign (and yours, if you like).
bulletArt Objects:  Art Objects to detail treasure lists.
bulletGuilds:  The Guild of Arcane Lore and the Scribes Guild.  Essentially, these are lists for Wizards and Scribes supplies and services.

Scott Bennie's Goodies

bulletScott Bennie:  Scott Bennie was looking for a host for his Mulhorandi material, and I offered to post this page for him.

Michael J.N. Arellano's Goodies

bullet Michael J.N. ArellanoMichael J.N. Arellano offered a couple of articles on the Human Races of Maztica to the Forgotten Realms list.  They were very well received, with a nod of approval from Eric L. Boyd.  I have permission to post them here.

TableSmith Goodies and Links

bulletConfessions of a Treasure Junkie:  My love of treasure has lead me to TableSmith and to create and modify some custom files for the Forgotten Realms.  My first offering is a set of table to generate fantasy library books, complete with titles and author.  Incidentally, FR TableSmith users might find a use for the Deity, Places, and Planes tables.

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